Create competitive advantage

To gain a decisive competitive advantage, efficient machines alone are not enough.

Equally important is the diversification of service offerings.

This includes more than just maintenance and repairs.

There are also some suggestions - especially regarding performance and operation.


On-site Technical Service

An international network of experts with exceptional qualifications.

Competent experts are available to support your plant 24 hours a day. All ABT service technicians are dual-qualified as electricians/fitters and mechanics. This allows them to fully understand the system when inspecting, maintaining, or calibrating your machine.

Remote Service

You can contact our experts 24/7 to resolve your issues.

We can support you in Russian or English and have permanent access to a comprehensive knowledge database. We also rely on online/video conferencing tools and augmented reality solutions. You can also discuss the condition of your machine with us before scheduled maintenance tasks to maximize maintenance efficiency.

Our strong customer relationships and focus on customer needs and satisfaction play a huge role in our success.


The machine is packaged in a form that is easy to assemble and can be used upon arrival without disassembly.

Wrap with anti-collision film to protect the surface of the machine and prevent surface damage caused by friction or collision.

Use wooden cases of fumigation-free products that comply with export regulations for packaging and transportation.

It applies to sea, land, air, and other transportation modes you can contact us and specify which transportation plan.

Want to know more about our services?

We offer a variety of services, from the highest quality maintenance, calibration, and training for your machines to spare parts and training.

When a failure occurs, ABT has a large number of engineers who can act quickly to meet customer needs. ABT strives to respond to your request within 24 hours.

ABT recommends that customers enter into a service contract to ensure that our engineers independently inspect the machine on a regular basis.

This is a great opportunity to make sure your machine is in good working order and prevent any unforeseen problems.

If you require more information and detailed advice, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving your call or email.


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