ABT has more than 10 years of drilling rig equipment manufacturing experience and is your trustworthy partner. We are passionate about creating quality drilling rig equipment to give you a greater market share.


Leading technology ,excellent quality

It has a comprehensive product range.

ABT is a leading international drilling rig equipment manufacturer. We supply high-quality drilling equipment to major mining companies, construction companies, and exploration projects worldwide.

ABT was founded over ten years ago, and since its inception, we have prided ourselves on superior product quality and innovative design. Our product range covers various types of drilling equipment, from hydraulic drills to impactors, to meet the needs of different industries and projects.

Our success is inseparable from our persistent pursuit of quality. From engineering and design to manufacturing and product support, we ensure the highest quality of our products without compromise.

ABT stands for superior performance, attractive innovative design, and personalized customer support. Over the years, our customers have placed their trust in us and chosen ABT as their preferred partner.

Join us to experience ABT's superior quality and performance, and let us work together to provide customized solutions for your drilling rig equipment needs. Cooperate with ABT and start the road to success!


Throughout every region in the world and across every area of drilling and production, our family of companies has provided the technical expertise, advanced equipment, and operational support necessary for success—now and in the future.


Leading group

Our people

In ABT, our employees are regarded as the largest asset. We are founded by a professional team with rich experience in this field. We are an award-winning team that transforms ideas into excellent experiences. We have personnel dedicated to R&D, which makes us stand out from the industry. Innovation is the key to development, and ABT employees firmly believe in this concept.

Enterprises grow with excellent entrepreneurial skills. Leaders will not create followers, they will create more leaders. Our leadership team is defined by our persistent enthusiasm for work and high ethical standards. The vision of ABT Group is to be the first in the engineering field and provide cost-effective solutions for the industry. Our vision is to make complex technology feasible and easy to use at an affordable cost.

”ABT's machine was shipped very quickly, the machine was received and tested in good condition, and all kinds of information was completed, we are delighted.”


”The service is very considerate, the machine is in good condition, the price is right, the quality is excellent, and the drilling efficiency is very high.”


”I got information about this product. It did show a hole where I was prospecting. Readings may differ at each depth, so expert analysis is required.”


Fortunately, The service is very considerate, and the ABT Engineers aided by Mary Zhang, gave me the best possible answer to my question. Good work guys!



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Leadership is not a position, but an example…

A great leader is not to be a leader, but to make a difference.


No. 1 in the production of integrated solutions for industrial tablets.

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World market leader

Technology leader in high-performance machines for the industrial equipment industry.

In addition to machines, the range also includes basic tools, format parts, and process equipment.

The scope also includes all support, training, and consulting services.

Global Family

We are a global family of thousands of individuals, working as one team to create a lasting impact for ourselves, our customers, and the communities where we live and work. We take responsibility for each other and our company’s future, knowing that personal ownership leads to broader success.

Purposeful Innovation

We believe in purposeful innovation because we see what others do not and we act. Through business innovation, product creation, and service delivery, we are driven to power the industry that powers the world better.

Service Above All

We believe in service above all because our singular goal is to move our customers’ business forward. This drives us to anticipate our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver the finest products and services on time and on budget.


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