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ABT provides you with professional instruments and equipment, including water finders and prospectors, to meet your needs in the fields of oil exploration, geological exploration, water well drilling, construction engineering, and so on.

Water finders are widely used in agricultural irrigation, industrial water use, and other fields. Using advanced technology and precision sensors, the Water Finder can quickly and accurately locate the underground water source and provide you with reliable water source information. Prospector is used to find mineral deposits and underground resources. It plays a key role in mineral resources exploration, geological surveys, and other industries. Through accurate detection technology, prospectors can track down metals, ores, and other underground resources, helping you to discover potential deposits and conduct accurate exploration to improve the efficiency and results of prospecting.

At ABT, we not only provide high-quality water finders and prospectors but also offer drilling rigs and a wide range of accessories to meet all your needs. Whether you are an engineering contractor, exploration company, or project manager, our drilling rig equipment will be an important support for the success of your project.

water finder

prospecting instrument

archaeological explorer


According to different application fields, instruments and equipment are subdivided into several categories such as water finders, mineral prospectors, archaeological explorers and emergency safety detectors.

Each type of instrument equipment has a specific structure and function, designed to meet the needs of the corresponding field and provide reliable technical support for water source exploration, mineral mining and construction projects.

emergency and safety hazard detection

a large building with a lot of windows and a lot of windows
a large building with a lot of windows and a lot of windows


Shenyang ABT Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in tunneling, open air, submersible hole, top hammer type full hydraulic drilling car, drill, impactor design, research and development, and production in one of the production enterprises, the enterprise is located in Shenyang Hunnan New District.

The company has a large production workshop of 5000 square meters, more than 100 technicians at all levels, a domestic first-class processing, assembly, testing, and spraying line, an annual production of 50,000 tons of drilling tools, and 200 sets of drilling rig production capacity.

Customer Service

ABT provides customers with high-quality customer services, including design services, consulting services, equipment qualification certification, etc.

Training Services

ABT provides training services to its customers to ensure that new or existing equipment remains in optimal operating condition and ensures a long life cycle.

Technical Support

ABT has an experienced team of engineers who can provide free technical services when needed.

Authentication service

ABT provides a complete set of documentation in English in accordance with cGMP starting from IQ/OQ and upon customer request.

Maintenance service

ABT offers an excellent range of after-sales services that can be customized to meet customers' specific needs.

Other Service

ABT provides any other services as per the detailed requirements of the client.

”ABT's machine was shipped very quickly, the machine was received and tested in good condition, and all kinds of information was completed, we are delighted.”


”The service is very considerate, the machine is in good condition, the price is right, the quality is excellent, and the drilling efficiency is very high.”


”I got what I wanted to know about this product. It did show a cavity in the location where I was prospecting. The readings can differ from every depth, so an expert analysis is needed.”


Fortunately, The service is very considerate, and the ABT Engineers aided by Mary Zhang, gave me the best possible answer to my question. Good work guys!




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