Classification and model introduction of ABT drilling rigs

1/27/20242 min read

ABT drilling rigs can be divided into multiple categories and models according to different usage scenarios and functional requirements.

The following will introduce several common ABT drilling rig classifications and models:

Classification by use:

  • Foundation drilling rig: used for foundation drilling and pile foundation construction in foundation projects.

  • Water well drilling rig: used for drilling water well projects such as water source wells, irrigation wells, and monitoring wells.

  • Mining drilling rig: used in mining projects such as rock exploration, ore mining, and mine support.

  • Engineering exploration drilling rig: used in engineering exploration fields such as soil exploration, geological exploration, and environmental monitoring.

Classification by driving mode:

  • Hydraulic drilling rig: driven by a hydraulic system, with a large drilling force and speed range.

  • Electric drill: driven by an electric motor, suitable for places with sufficient power supply.

Classification by structure type:

  • Wheeled drilling rig: It is mobile and suitable for construction sites that require frequent transfers.

  • Crawler drill: It has good passability and stability, and is suitable for operations in complex terrain and narrow spaces.

  • Bridge drilling rig: It adopts a bridge structure and is suitable for large-scale projects and high-intensity operations.

Classification by drilling diameter:

  • Small drilling rig: suitable for small-diameter drilling, usually below 50mm.

  • Medium drill rig: Suitable for drilling holes of medium diameter, usually between 50mm and 300mm.

  • Large drilling rig: suitable for drilling holes with large diameters, usually above 300mm.

The model naming of ABT drilling rigs is usually represented by a combination of letters and numbers, where the letters represent the classification or characteristics of the drilling rig, and the numbers represent the corresponding model. For example, the ABT-200 crawler drill rig represents a model 200 crawler drill rig.

Each model of ABT drilling rig has unique features and scope of application. When users choose ABT drilling rigs, they should choose the appropriate classification and model based on specific construction needs and working conditions.

ABT drilling rig manufacturers can provide customized solutions according to customer needs to meet the needs of different industries and projects.

To sum up, ABT drilling rigs can adapt to various construction scenarios and work needs according to different classifications and models. Users can choose the appropriate ABT drilling rig according to specific requirements to improve work efficiency and construction quality.